When you are getting ready for a listing appointment many things need to be done to be 100% prepared. One of the last things that one thinks about is getting a hair cut to give that professional look. Owner of  hair salon why does it matter to get a haircut before a listings presentation?”   Jessica Madani answered ” when you take the time to look your best and groom yourself for this big day you will come across more professional and deff. have more self confidence. When you are trying to get a listing it is crucial to look your best and show that you have that inner confidence to get their home sold” – http://azrealtycare.com/

When we were talking about this  article I changed my opinion. In my eyes the most important thing when talking to potential clients is your confidence in your real estate skill. A seller does not want someone who looks unorganized and sloppy looking because that reflects on their business life as well. So when you are meeting that person for the first time dress suitable for the meeting and make sure you portray clean and confident!

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