Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek

One of the hidden secrets is Boulder Creek Real Estate located in Northern California. This location is a very much sought after location in Santa Cruz County. There are many reasons why this location is so desirable. From the quiet and peaceful locations that still has the feeling of a small town. One of the favorite things about this location is the Redwoods and country feel this community still has.

As for real estate statistics the average median price is $419,00 which has been stable over the past 2 years. With this price it still makes it affordable in some standards for the Santa Cruz county. If your looking for the latest homes to hit the real estate market you can visit this website is a great resource to keep track of your future potential home to purchase.

Its important to act fast if your looking in this market because with a limited homes for sale it is common for properties to get multiple offers in this location. If your looking for more information about this incredible location to invest in you can visit Wikipedia.


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