1. Find out how much you owe on your manufactured home loan by contacting your manufactured home lender for the balance due. You will want to price your home for at least a good chunk of the amount due.

  2. Get price comparables. Use an online marketplace for mobile and manufactured homes for sale like to research homes that are actively being sold within 50-100 miles of your zip code.

  3. Find at least one example of your home that is comparable to yours in its condition, make, model year, # of beds, # of bath, etc. Finding a home for sale that is a close match to yours is a good starting point for setting the price of your home. Lastly, put yourself in a buyers shoes—what would you honestly pay for the home?. That will get you close to price that will draw attention and response to your listing.

  4. “Stage” your home by cleaning up each space you want to photograph by removing all you personal stuff (stuffed animals, family photos, etc) from view. Make the space look like an unused room—like you might see in a real estate brochure photo.

  5. Shoot good photos of your home. Shoot at least 3 exteriors photos, one straight on and one on each side of the home. Shoot the exteriors about 2-3 hours before sunset. Professional photographers call the short time before sunset the “golden hour”—when the sun bathes everything in golden light. Shoot your interiors in the morning when light fills the interior of your home. Be sure to turn ON your camera’s FLASH when shooting interiors.

If you follow these 5 simple steps you will no longer wonder how to sell my mobile home!

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